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02:47am 22/02/2007
[ooc: yeah, this is backdated because I should've posted this awhile ago but school got in the way. so hopefully, this might help make a few things make a bit more sense :p]

This whole week's been such a mess with Remy arriving and all. He bothered the hell out of me for the first few days with his constant non-stop flirting. So I was a bit of a bitch to him. Ali's stupid comments about how she thought I was interested in him didn't help things.

And then I got assigned as his sparring partner. Which just made my day. It's just possible that I might have said something a bit ruder than usual. So he asked me what I had against him and I told him that his constant hitting on me was ridiculous and annoying as hell. I'm not quite sure what happened, but it ended with him saying he'd back off a bit and us being friends?

So far, I think it's actually been working. We've got a weird sort of friendship, but it works. Julian's a bit upset about the amount of time I've been spending with Remy but then again, most of it's not by choice. Between being assigned as his guide and his sparring partner, that's MORE than enough time to spend with one person who I'm only casual friends with. And while yes, I admit that Remy's rather good looking, I'm not interested in him because I have everything I want in Julian. I know people might think that this might be the same as the Bobby/Julian scenario, but I know it's not. I guess I can admit to myself that I was attracted to Julian while I was dating Bobby, but I would recognise that feeling now. And this is definetly not that.

Ugh, I need to get sleep. These DR sessions on top of classes are killing me. I miss free time.
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08:29am 27/02/2007 (UTC)
The squeaky wheel....
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07:47pm 28/02/2007 (UTC)
mm-hmm, keep tellin' yourself ;) haha.
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