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09:48pm 07/06/2008
Character Information
Name: Marie D’Ancanto but she goes by Rogue
Codename: Rogue
Age/DOB: 25 - 26 March
Affiliations: X-men, STRIKE
Occupation: an agent for STRIKE
Physical Traits: About 5’5, dark auburn hair with a white streak on either side to frame her face, green eyes, fairly slender build but she works out enough to have some muscle

Powers: Uncontrollable power absorption through skin-to-skin contact and superhuman strength and durability and flight permanently absorbed from Ms. Marvel.

Personality: If anything, Rogue has issues trusting people which has a lot to do with her mutation. She also tends to run from problems and awkward situations. She doesn’t deal with those sorts of situations well but has gotten better at it over the years. She’s rather introverted and keeps her walls up but they’re not completely impenetrable. When someone does break past them, she tends to become loyal to them. She’s a strong person with a fair bit of Southern sass to her. While her moral beliefs are strong, they can waver a bit, especially in instances where it’s something personal.

Hailing from Mississippi, Rogue lived a fairly normal life for the first part of her life. She did well in school, had two parents who loved her, and such. When she was 15, her mutation emerged when she kissed her boyfriend for the first time. He’s been in a coma ever since. She spent a little under a year trying to figure things out with this curse before she finally ran away, heading up to Canada where she encountered Wolverine and consequently the X-men. When Magneto learned of her powers, he kidnapped her in order to force her to use a machine that would turn normal humans into flat scans. Not only that, but the machine required Magneto’s power… and a life force. Wolverine saved her by using her mutation to give her his healing power, almost killing him. It was here where she gained the white streak in her hair.

She began attending Xavier’s school and dating Bobby Drake even though her mutation seriously screwed with their relationship. The school was attacked by William Stryker and she, along with Bobby and John Allerdyce, were swept into the X-men/Brotherhood venture to stop Stryker. After the betrayal of Magneto and Pyro, the destruction of the Weapon X facility, and the death of Jean Grey, she and Bobby were promoted to the X-men team. When the Cure came into the pictures months later, she took it.

XMH Summary:
The Cure didn’t work and Rogue’s powers returned during an intimate moment with Bobby. Completely freaked out, she did the one thing she knew and ran. Logan tracked her down and brought her back to the mansion. Not long after wards, she and Bobby broke up, seemingly due to the presence of a new addition to the mansion, Julian Keller. The two had become friends after his initial arrival and he sought to help her deal with her returned powers. Not long afterwards, he made his interest in her clear and found that he could touch her if he generated a low level telekinetic shield. The two entered into a whirlwind relationship, both falling hard and fast for the other.

Things between them went fine until the arrival of one Remy LeBeau. Rogue, along with Alison Blaire, was assigned as Gambit’s guide and subsequent training partner. Julian soon became jealous of the time the two were spending together, made some serious assumptions, and brutally broke up with Rogue, leaving her heartbroken and unable to forgive him despite his later realization and attempts to apologise.

The return of Magneto as President of Genosha a few months later shook Rogue to the core as past memories returned and she retreated into her room with a Grateful Dead album on repeat. Ali, who’d learned of Rogue’s choice in music a few weeks earlier and started a friendship with the girl, heard the album, realized what it meant, and went down to try and comfort her, setting off a deep friendship between the two that would endure. The two became close, wavering at the edge of an actual relationship when Logan took Ali up to join Alpha Flight in Canada.

During that time, although she and Ali remained friends, the distance between them allowed for things to cool off. At the same time, Julian came back into Rogue’s life as the two began first a friendship and then a relationship again along with attending the local college together. This go-round didn’t have quite the same sparks as before with Rogue being too cautious to fully let herself love him again. When Ali returned to the mansion, feelings began to reemerge between them but they pushed them back. Then Julian left Rogue again to get back together with his ex-girlfriend Amara Aquilla. This allowed for Ali and Rogue to fall back into their close friendship and eventual relationship. Rogue’s mutation was a constant source of frustration for the two and their first real kiss didn’t happen until Julian shielded Ali for a few moments after the two returned from a night out gone wrong.

Five-year Gap Summary:
In the summer following her first (and final year) at the local college, Rogue left the mansion and went to England to both continue her studies there and to work with a superhero team there of which Captain Britain/Brian Braddock was a part of. Her relationship with Ali soon crumbled under the strain of distance. She spent the next two years there, completing her degree and ending her stay there with an encounter with Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel gone incredibly wrong. Carol’s mind was taken over by the evil of the week and Captain Britain’s team was there to deal with the matter. Rogue was forced to absorb Carol and accidentally absorbed too much, sending Carol into a coma and Rogue into a few months of near insanity. The powers from Carol were absorbed permanently but also came with Carol’s psyche taking up residence in her head, resulting in Rogue’s state of mind during the time. It took a meeting with Xavier to sort her brain out even though she wasn’t aware that it was him at the time. She merely had her suspicions afterwards. It wasn’t until a year after her run-in with Carol that she was able to finally deal with the psyche and figuring out how to use the powers although she does keep the fact that she has them on the low key. Once she'd dealt with the matter, Brian helped recruit her to STRIKE, the British equivalent of SHIELD.

Not long afterwards, the school was demolished, leaving Rogue somewhat stuck in Europe in the confusion that followed. Emma told her to stay where she was as she could do more good there than at the school. Instead, she helped aide those displaced and also those hiding from persecution as the ideas of the Friends of Humanity began to spread throughout the world. She continued to work for STRIKE, splitting her time between that and helping mutants on her current side of the pond.

RPG Information:
Gizmo/LJ Chat Screenname: canstillkickass
Played By/Player Base: Anna Paquin
Costume: An agent for STRIKE for the last few years, Rogue's found herself either in the generic uniform (very reminiscent to that of SHIELD) or else in a simple black getup that's made of the typical superhero material and made for staying on the safer side of unnoticed.

Player/Contact Information:
Located here.
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